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Curtin is such a great dog walking suburb that we had to develop this fully paved, pram friendly version of one of our favourite walks. The walk is mostly flat, crosses only one road, and is exceptional in April when the leaf colour is at its best, although it is very pleasant any time of year. The route includes a visit to a large off leash playing field easily accessed by a pram, and then follows a series of linked, off leash informal parks to loop back to your starting point. If you are pushing a pram, the later off leash parks may not be as easy to access depending on your pram's suspension quality. There's also the option of dog paddling in the creek/stormwater drain if you're able to venture off the path. The walk starts and ends at the Curtin shops where there are several excellent dog friendly cafés.
Start/Finish - Curtin shops, Strangways Street
Time/Distance - Allow 60 minutes/approx 4 km
Off lead rating - ♥♥
Parking - Car parks off Strangways Street
Dog friendly café - Our Pick Red Brick Espresso, and others
Public toilets - Curtin shops
Bins - Curtin shops, North Curtin Playing Fields
Distractions - None
Playgrounds - Before the Dunstan Street underpass, behind the Scout Hall
Photo Gallery - See photos taken on the Curtin pram friendly walk

Note - All our dog walks assume you are a responsible dog owner with an obedient and well-socialised dog. If walking with a pram, you'll need to venture at least 10 metres off the paved paths to let your dog take advantage of the off leash opportunities described below. See our Important Stuff page before starting any of our walks.


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Curtin shops to North Curtin Playing Fields (10 minutes)

1. From the shopping centre, find the petrol station on Strangways street near the big round-about intersection of Carruthers and McCulloch Streets.
2. Cross Strangways Street here, to follow a concrete footpath downhill, passing on the right side of the petrol station.
There is a pedestrian island in the middle of Strangways Street here to make crossing easier but take care of cars swinging into Strangways Street from the round-about.
3. Follow the footpath downhill to an underpass. Turn right to walk through the underpass (underneath Carruthers Street). Continue following the footpath for several minutes to another underpass, ignoring any branches to the left or right.
The route meanders gradually downhill past a small children's playground on the right.

North Curtin Playing Fields section (10 minutes)

4. Walk through the underpass to reach the extensive, well irrigated North Curtin Playing Fields. The footpath continues straight ahead along the perimeter of the fields.
Off leash opportunity on the playing fields.
You may wish to dawdle here to allow your dog some off leash time.
Note you will need to venture at least 10 metres away from the paved path to let your dog off leash. If formal sports are in progress, you may only walk off leash on a vacant field. Otherwise leash your dog until the next section.
There are bins adjacent to the amenities block on your left as you enter the playing fields as well as a drinking fountain.

North Curtin Playing Fields to Carruthers Street underpass (15 minutes)

5. When you're ready, return to the paved path along the perimeter of the field. Continue walking along the path until it bisects with a bitumen cycle path. Turn right to follow the cycle path under another underpass next to a stormwater drain (Yarralumla Creek). Continue following the cycle path heading to the back fences of houses, so that you are walking with houses on your right. Continue on the path until you reach another underpass (passing under another part of Carruthers Street).
Off leash opportunity in the grassy area between the cycle path and the stormwater drain but make sure you keep at least 10 metres from the cycle path and leash your dog before the next underpass.
The path meanders through a narrow informal park, mostly close to the back fences of houses on the right, with the stormwater drain in sight on your left.
This park is off leash on the left hand side of the cycle path. If walking with a pram, you may wish to make one or more forays into this area to let your dog explore a little off leash and play in the creek.
If not pushing a pram, instead of walking on the cycle path, you can walk off leash through this section on a dirt track close to the stormwater drain.
The mature deciduous trees planted all along the creek are stunning in autumn, reaching their peak in April.

Carruthers Street underpass to Curtin shops (15 minutes)

6. Walk through this long underpass, and follow the bitumen cycle path as it veers right uphill. Where it forks up ahead, turn left to continue following the bitumen path parallel to the stormwater drain.
Again, the area to the left of the path is off leash but we suggest walking your dog on leash along this section as you'll need to watch out soon for a turn right.
7. After a few minutes, the bitumen path will fork again. Take the right fork veering away from the stormwater drain. Then when the bitumen path terminates at a narrow concrete footpath, turn right to follow the concrete path - with the back fences of houses on your left - which gradually heads uphill through another park. Continue walking uphill to another underpass, ignoring any branches to the right or left.
8. Walk through the underpass and continue a short distance until the footpath intersects with another footpath. Turn right to follow the new footpath through another park, passing a primary school on your right (Curtin Holy Trinity Primary School).
9. Just past the school, the footpath passes between two small buildings (the old Curtin Scout Hall and the Ron Reynolds Training Centre) and terminates at a bitumen driveway.
There is another children's playground behind the Scout Hall.
10. Walk uphill on the driveway to reach a road (Strangways Street). Cross at the pedestrian crossing to return to the Curtin shops.

If you'd prefer to join one of our regular guided group walks, find out more at our guided walks page.

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