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One of our shorter walks, this ultra pretty and easy route follows a series of linked off leash parks featuring mature exotic trees that are just gorgeous in autumn - as illustrated by this photo. There are plenty of open green spaces for dogs to play, opportunities for creek paddles, and a high likelihood of meeting other friendly dogs. It can be walked in around 35 minutes without pause but the extensive parks invite lots of dawdling. The walk starts and ends at Griffith Park behind the Manuka shopping centre which has several cafés with outdoor tables that welcome dogs.
Start/Finish - Griffith Park from Murray Crescent (between Flinders Way and Captain Cook Crescent)
Time/Distance - Allow 45 minutes/approx 2.5 km
Off lead rating - ♥♥
Parking - Free parking on Captain Cook Crescent and Flinders Way; ample pay parking around Manuka shopping centre
Dog friendly café - Several cafés at nearby Manuka shopping centre especially off Bougainville Street
Public toilets - At far rear of Manuka Terrace (entrance off Flinders Way)
Bins - Manuka shopping centre; Griffith Park; Flinders Park
Distractions - None
Playgrounds - Griffith Park and Wells Garden
Photo gallery - See photos taken on the Manuka-Griffith walk.

Note - All our dog walks assume you are a responsible dog owner with an obedient and well-socialised dog. See our Important Stuff page before starting any of our walks.


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Murray Crescent to Flinders Park playing field (20 minutes)

1. Enter Griffith Park from Murray Crescent (between Flinders Way and Captain Cook Crescent).
2. Walk towards the children's playground and then follow the dirt track running between the playground on the left and the creek (running through a concrete drain) on the right.
There are two large green bins on the far side of the playground near the road.
3. Continue following the creek, keeping it on your right, and walk through a wide open sports field.
Off leash opportunity starts past the playground after entering the sports field if not being used for formal sports.
The creek/stormwater drain bank is planted with mature poplars, and further along, other tall trees. Dogs may like to have a drink and paddle at various points along the creek.

4. At the far side of the sports field, the track climbs up a steep bank. On the other side of the bank is another sports field, the Griffith Oval, ringed by a low picket fence. Enter the oval through the nearest opening.
If no formal sports are underway, it's a wonderful safe area for dogs to run free. You can extend the walk by walking around the inside perimeter of the oval. If being used for sports continue straight ahead on the outside of the picket fence past the equipment shed until you reach a concrete footpath. 
There is a blue bin near the amenities block.
5. When you're ready to exit the oval, head back towards the equipment shed and exit through the gap in the picket fence on the right.
Off leash opportunity ends on exiting the oval.
After passing through the gap in the fence, you'll see a concrete footpath heading left as well as straight ahead, and a continuation of the creek you followed earlier. Continue walking on the concrete path straight ahead away from the oval, with the creek on your right until you reach a street (La Perouse Street).
This short stretch is particularly pretty in autumn as illustrated by our photos.

6. Cross La Perouse Street, walk left a few metres on the footpath, then turn right to leave the paved path to follow a dirt track dropping downhill. The dirt track follows on the left of the creek (which shortly disappears underground). Continue following the dirt track past attractive houses on the left and a playing field on your right.
This sports field, and the adjoining sports field up ahead (Flinders Park), were recently reclassified as 'on leash' by the ACT Government, but locals have been using them as off leash areas for 40 plus years. Unless being used for sports, the Grammar school, which has the lease, continues to allow their use as off leash areas.
A regular group of local dogs and their owners congregate at this section of Flinders Park, or the sports field just ahead, on most late afternoons for socialising and chasing balls. The owners are friendly and welcoming to new comers but some of the regular dogs are large and dominant and not always as welcoming as their owners. Owners with less confident dogs tend to bypass this group.

7. Continue towards a small car park and a concrete amenities block. Cross the carpark to reach the second part of Flinders Park.
This second part of Flinders Park provides another lovely area for dogs to play as it is fenced on both road frontages, although you should note there are several gaps in the fence for pedestrian access. You can extend the walk by walking around the perimeter of the sports field.
There are bins next to the amenities block.

Flinders Park playing field to Wells Garden (15 minutes)

8. When you're ready to continue, head back towards the houses passing the practice bowling nets on your right hand side. You should find a narrow dirt track parallel to the houses. Continue for a few minutes following the track through the unkept grassy area, keeping the houses on your left.
9. At the gap in the houses, take the dirt track branching to the left that veers towards a rusty looking sculpture.
Off leash opportunity ends here.
The sculpture in the grassy area between the houses of Jansz Crescent is a memorial to the explorer and navigator, Willem Janszoon. It was designed by Julie Kenneth and partly funded by the Dutch embassy. As captain of the Duyfken, Janszoon was the first person to chart the Australian coast and made the first recorded European landfall on the Australian continent in 1606. Many of the streets in this area of Griffith and nearby Red Hill are named after naval explorers and their ships.

10. At Jansz Crescent, look for the Australia Post red box on the other side of the street. Cross the road here and take the paved footpath behind the post box passing between the houses.
Jansz Crescent is one of the prettiest streets in Griffith, lined with mature oaks and some interesting houses worth a sticky beak if you have time for a short detour to the left before taking the footpath behind the post box.
11. The footpath ends at a street (Carstensz Street). Cross Cartensz Street and follow the street branching off directly ahead (Bremer Street).
12. Continue along the left hand side of Bremer Street on the paved footpath to an intersection (with La Perouse Street).
13. Cross La Perouse Street to continue on the left of Bremer Street.
14. Take the paved footpath turning left between the houses (approximately opposite the first street branching right - Hodgkinson Street). The footpath leads to a pretty, informal park (Wells Garden). Cross the quiet street to enter the park.
Wells Garden has a children's playground, benches, and several modern, multi-million dollar houses looking into the park.

Wells Garden to Murray Crescent (10 minutes)

15. Continue straight ahead along the dirt track crossing the centre of the park to the far side and another road.
16. Cross the road (Austin Street) and follow the concrete footpath to reach the oval in sight ahead.
Off leash opportunity starts on the oval.
This is the opposite side of the Griffith Oval that you entered or passed earlier.

17. Walk through the gap in the picket fence and cross through the middle of the oval, or if being used for formal sports, continue walking on leash following the footpath around the outside of the picket fence under the trees. Remember your dog must stay on leash while walking on the footpath.
18. On the other side of the oval, walk over the steep bank and return to the creek to retrace your steps across the second sports field back to Murray Crescent.
Off leash opportunity ends before passing the playground.
Cafés and public toilets are available at the Manuka shopping centre only one block further down Flinders Way. Several dog friendly cafés are located along Bougainville Street off Flinders Way.

If you'd prefer to join one of our regular guided group walks, find out more at our guided walks page.

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