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A mainly suburban offering, this walk takes a varied, meandering route through some of Lyneham and O'Connor's prettiest and quietest tree-lined streets. You'll see a wide range of housing from 1940s weatherboards - including the famous Tocumwal houses - to ultra-modern minimalist designs. The walk includes several large playing fields for energetic ball games as well as some other off leash opportunities. Most streets have generous wide verges where some locals walk their obedient dogs off leash but otherwise there is a sustained on leash section in the last half of the walk. The walk starts and ends at the Lyneham shops with dog friendly cafés on Wattle Street.
Start/Finish - Lyneham shops, Hall Street
Time/Distance - Allow 90 minutes/approx 5 km
Off lead rating - ♥♥
Parking - Hall Street and adjacent car parks
Dog friendly café - Our Pick The Front Café on Wattle St, and others
Public toilets - Lyneham shops on Hall Street
Bins - Lyneham shops and O'Connor Oval
Distractions - none
Playgrounds - 'Horse paddock' park
Photo gallery - See photos taken on the Lyneham-O'Connor walk.
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Note - All our dog walks assume you are a responsible dog owner with an obedient and well-socialised dog. See our Important Stuff page before starting any of our walks.


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Lyneham shops to O'Connor Oval (25 minutes)

1. From the Lyneham shops IGA entrance, cross the street (Hall Street) using the pedestrian crossing. Turn right on Hall Street walking on the concrete footpath, then turn left taking the bitumen path leading towards a large playing field (Lyneham Neighbourhood Oval).
2. Follow the bitumen path a short distance before ducking under the steel railing to enter the Lyneham Neighbourhood Oval on the left.
Off leash opportunity starts here.
The oval provides a large open space for energetic off leash games and is often deserted. It is bordered by schools on two sides, a storm water drain where dogs might like to paddle, and Brigalow Street. There are some large shady trees along the storm water drain but keep your dog away from cyclists using the bitumen cycle path along the perimeter of the drain.
2. When you're ready, head towards the storm water drain and follow it to the right until you reach a pedestrian/cyclist bridge (very close to where you first entered the oval). Cross to the other side of the drain using the bridge.
3. Turn right to follow a dirt track running between the storm water drain on your right and the back of apartments and houses on your left.
This pleasant track passes under shady pines and casuarinas. Your dog may wish to drop down into the drain for a drink and paddle.
4. Continue along this track until you reach a street (Goodwin Street).
Off leash opportunity ends here.
5. Cross Goodwin Street and make your way past the large pond, continuing to keep the storm water drain (which passes under Goodwin Street) on your right hand side.
If you wish, make a detour around the pond which is relatively new with plantings still to mature.
6. After passing the pond, make for the street up ahead and to your right (Wattle Street which the storm water drain passes under). Cross at the pedestrian crossing.
7. On the other side of the street, turn hard right to cross over the storm water drain, then hard left to follow a dirt track parallel with the storm water drain.
Off leash opportunity starts here.
Although this is an off leash area, keep an eye on your dog as you approach the bike path and primary school up ahead.
8. Continue following the storm water drain until another street (Macarthur Avenue).
Make sure your dog is on leash for the road crossing as this street can be very busy.
9. Use Macarthur Avenue to cross to the other side of the stormwater drain, and cross the road using the pedestrian crossing. But once over the road, return to the right hand side of the stormwater drain (so it is on your left). Walking ahead you will enter an extensive playing fields area.

O'Connor Oval Section (10 minutes)

The O'Connor Oval provides a large off leash area that is popular with dog walking locals so there may be opportunities for your dog to socialise. You may wish to linger here enjoying the open space. If there are sports games in progress, keep close to the storm water drain away from the mown turf. There is a line of tall trees bisecting the space that provides good shade in summer.
Bins are located near the amenities block adjacent to the gravel park on the far side of the oval.

10. Meander through the playing fields, passing through the line of trees and steel railing, to the far side from where you entered.
The far side of O'Connor Oval is bounded by two storm water drain channels.

O'Connor Oval to Lyneham shops (25 minutes)

11. When you're ready, head towards the drain running between the oval and the gravel car park, looking for the footbridge over the drain.
Off leash opportunity ends here.
12. Cross the drain using the footbridge, head to the street bordering the park (Pedder Street), and turn right.
13. Continue a short distance on Pedder Street, then take the first left (Lilley Street). At the end of Lilley Street, turn left again (into Macpherson Street).
14. Look out for the child care centre on the right hand side of Macpherson Street, only a short distance ahead. Cross to the child care centre and take the footpath to the right that passes on the left hand side of the centre. This footpath leads to a secluded, narrow park.
Locals generally walk their dogs off leash here. Until recently, locals also used to ride and graze their (backyard) ponies in the park which was referred to as 'the horse paddock'. There is now a children's playground further ahead in the park.
The cul de sac streets branching off the park on both sides feature 'tocumwal' houses, referring to houses transported from the Tocumwal airforce base to meet an acute housing shortage in Canberra in the late 1940s. Read more about the history here.

15. Walk straight ahead on the footpath for a short distance into the park but take the first branch heading diagonally right to reach the end of one of the cul de sacs (Quinn Street). Walk down Quinn Street to the end where it returns to Macarthur Avenue.
16. Cross Macarthur Avenue and continue straight into the street directly ahead (Wonga Street).
Take care crossing Macarthur Avenue here. It can be quite busy.
17. Continue on Wonga Street. At the end, continue into the park and take the footpath slightly to your left which leads across the park to a footbridge over a storm water drain.
The park bordering the storm water drain is another off leash area. Linger here if you wish but watch out for cyclists using the bike path on the far side of the drain.
18. Cross the drain using the footbridge and continue ahead on the footpath, crossing the park to reach another street opening directly ahead (Mulga Street).
The next few streets, many named after flowers, are very pretty and lined with mature deciduous trees. Some locals walk their obedient dogs off leash on these very quiet streets. Enjoy the streetscapes of mature oaks, ash, pears, eucalypts and more, and the variety of old and new suburban homes.
19. Continue on Mulga Street, then take the first left (into Boronia Drive).
20. Continue on Boronia Drive, then take the first right (into Miller Street).
21. From Miller Street, take the first street right (Scrivener Street), then the first street left (Lobelia Street).
22. Follow Lobelia Street until it terminates. Walk ahead into a small park, following the dirt track across the park to reach another street (Cassinia Street). You'll pass the red brick Black Mountain District Girl Guides building on your left.
23. Walk into Cassinia Street, then take the first right (a branch of Cassinia Street) and follow it until the t-junction (with Swainsonia Street).
24. Turn right into Swainsonia Street, then first left (into Correa Street), then first right (into Wattle Street). Continue to the intersection to return to the Lyneham shops.

If you'd prefer to join one of our regular guided group walks, find out more at our guided walks page.

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