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The best of Canberra's 'inner south' is featured on this varied walk meandering through attractive suburban streets, past heritage listed cottages, and through very pretty parks. The abundant tall mature trees throughout the route make this a shady option in summer and very colourful in autumn. There are relatively limited off leash opportunities but these are in generous, green spaces perfect for dogs to burn off excess energy. The streets have very wide verges where some locals allow well behaved, obedient dogs off leash for longer periods. The walk starts and ends at the Kingston shops boasting several dog friendly cafés in Green Square.
Start/Finish - Green Square at Kingston shops, Eyre Street
Time/Distance - Allow 75 minutes/approx 4.75 km
Off lead rating - ♥
Parking - Eyre Street car park opposite Green Square
Dog friendly café - Our Pick BitterSweet, and others in Green Square
Public toilets - Eyre Street opposite Green Square and Telopea Park
Bins - Kingston shops; Kingston Oval; Griffith Park; Telopea Park
Distractions - None
Playgrounds - Griffith Park and Telopea Park
Photo gallery - See photos taken on the Kingston-Griffith walk.
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Note - All our dog walks assume you are a responsible dog owner with an obedient and well-socialised dog. See our Important Stuff page before starting any of our walks.


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Kingston shops to Kingston Oval (10 minutes)

1. Start in Green Square at the corner of Eyre and Jardine Streets. Cross Eyre Street at the pedestrian crossing.
2. Turn right and follow the footpath on the left hand side of Eyre Street.
The next few streets are lined with mature deciduous and evergreen trees including pinoaks, oaks, cedars and zelkovas. This residential area features a mix of original housing dating from the 1920s and 30s, and apartment developments dating from the 1960s to now. Many of the oldest houses - in the area bounded by Dawes, Howitt, Cunningham and Leichhardt Streets - are heritage listed.
3. At the first intersection, turn left (onto Kennedy Street) and follow the footpath.
4. Cross at the next intersection (over Dawes Street) continuing straight ahead on Kennedy Street.
5. Continue to the next intersection then turn right (onto Cunningham Street).
6. Continue to the next intersection and cross the road (Leichhardt Street) to reach the oval (Kingston Oval).
Off leash opportunity starts here.
The Kingston Oval provides a large green space for off leash games, however be aware that the far side of the oval is bounded by a busy road (Canberra Ave). There are bins next to the grandstand.

Kingston Oval to Griffith Park (10 minutes)

7. When you're ready, head for the far right hand corner of the oval from where you entered (towards the small weatherboard building to the left of the grandstand).
Make sure your dog is on leash by the perimeter of the oval.
8. At the far corner of the oval, duck under the perimeter metal railing and walk behind the weatherboard building to the intersection ahead (Canberra Avenue and Dawes Street).
9. Cross the wide double-lane street (Canberra Avenue) and turn right to immediately cross the next street (Lockyer Street).
10. Turn left on Lockyer Street to follow the footpath on the right hand side until the first intersection (with Lefroy Street).
The next few streets are also lined with very attractive mature trees. Particularly beautiful are the smooth barked, weeping Chinese elms on Hann Street.
11. Turn right (onto Lefroy) following the footpath then take the first street to the left (Hann Street).
12. Follow the footpath on the left hand side of Hann Street, continuing across Stuart Street, until Hann Street terminates at a busy double lane road (Captain Cook Cres).
13. Cross Captain Cook Crescent to reach Griffith Park.
Off leash opportunity starts here.

Griffith Park and Oval (10 minutes)

14. At Griffith Park, walk diagonally to your left, meandering through the open green field towards the treelined creek on the far side flowing through a storm water drain. You will see tennis courts on the other side of the creek.
Take the opportunity to let your dog have a run through these generous green spaces and have a paddle in the creek. This is popular off leash area.
15. At the creek, turn left and continue over a steep bank at the edge of the field. On the other side of the steep bank is the Griffith Oval ringed by a small picket fence.
Enter the oval through the gap in the fence (yes, dogs are allowed), to enjoy the soft grass. When ready retrace your steps to the creek.
16. Walk with the creek on your left towards the children's playground. Continue straight ahead past the playground until you reach a street (Murray Crescent).
Off leash opportunity ends just before the playground.
There is a large green bin near the playground.
17. Turn right at Murray Crescent and follow the footpath a very short distance to the traffic lights (at the corner of Murray Crescent and Captain Cook Crescent).

Griffith Park to Telopea Park (10 minutes)

18. Turn left to cross Murray Crescent at the traffic lights and follow the bitumen path on the left hand side of Captain Cook Crescent, crossing the McDonald's 'drive-through' road and another small street (Franklin Street) until the next set of traffic lights (at Canberra Avenue).
If you feel like a coffee or loo break at this point, you could detour left at Murray Crescent or Franklin Street to reach the trendy Manuka shops only one block away. Dog friendly cafés can be found off Bouganville Street. See also our Manuka-Griffith walk for more info.
19. Cross Canberra Avenue and continue on the left hand side of the road (Manuka Circle) following the bitumen footpath that is shared with cyclists.
The Manuka Oval is on the left with its controversial (but we think beautiful) enormous night lights. Next on the left is the Manuka Pool, built in 1930 and designed in the Federal art deco style by Chief Government architect, Edwin Henderson. It's well worth a visit, sans dog, in the summer.

Telopea Park path (10 minutes)

20. Cross the next street (New South Wales Crescent) to a reach a park, turn immediately left following the bitumen path, then just before the next corner turn right to continue following the bitumen path into the park (Telopea Park).
Telopea Park is a beautiful, semi-formal park featuring a variety of mature exotic and native trees. The creek in Griffith Park re-emerges here from underground drains and meanders through the park before it enters Lake Burley Griffin. There are numerous benches, picnic tables, gas barbecues and bins throughout the park as well as public toilets (on your left as you follow the bitumen path in the first few minutes). There is also children's playground on the other side of the creek.
The park is a designated 'dogs on leash' area however around 25 per cent of local dog walkers allow their (well behaved) dogs off leash where appropriate.

21. Follow the bitumen path (a shared pedestrian and cycle path) as it follows the creek on your right, ignoring branches to the right and left, including those crossing the creek. After a few minutes, there is no option but to follow the bitumen path over the creek and continue parallel to the creek on the left.
22. Continue following the path with the creek on your left but at the first intersection of bitumen paths, turn right to follow the path to the road at the edge of the park (Telopea Park East).

Telopea Park to Kingston shops (5 minutes)

23. Cross Telopea Park East and turn immediately left to follow the footpath.
The remainder of the walk passes a range of interesting townhouse and apartment developments as well as featuring more lovely treelined streets. The pinoaks along Howitt Street are particularly impressive.
24. Take the first street right (Gosse Street) and follow the footpath.
25. Just after Gosse Street veers left, take the footpath turning to the right between the apartment buildings. The footpath terminates at Giles Street.
26. Cross Giles Street, turn left and then nearly immediately right (into Howitt Street).
27. Follow the footpath to the first intersection, then turn right (into Eyre Street). Continue on the right hand side of Eyre Street to return to the Kingston shops.

If you'd prefer to join one of our regular guided group walks, find out more at our guided walks page.

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