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With its awesome mountain views, this walk showcases a typical slice of the best Tuggeranong has to offer. Meandering through the well established suburbs of Gowrie and Fadden, the route follows a series of interconnected parks including huge off leash playing fields, a shady pine forest, and a small nature park with superb Brindabella mountain range and Tuggeranong valley views. Most of the walk is through off leash areas with only short sections on leash. We provide directions for a long version (with the views) and short, flatter version (focusing on the playing fields). The walk starts and ends at the small Gowrie shops which has an excellent dog friendly café. Note the route is easy walking except for one steep section in the long version which may be difficult for those not so fit or unsteady on their feet.

Start/Finish - Gowrie shops, Jeffries Street
Time/Distance - Allow 90 minutes/approx 5-6 km (short option allow 30 minutes/approx 2 km)
Off lead rating - ♥♥♥
Parking - Jeffries Street
Dog friendly café - Our Pick Common Grounds café
Public toilets - Gowrie playing fields amenities block on sports days; Fadden Pines recreational area
Bins - Gowrie shops; Gowrie playing fields amenities block; Fadden Pines recreational area
Distractions - Kangaroos
Playgrounds - Opposite Gowrie shops; Fadden Pines; just before Castleton Crescent underpass
Photo gallery - See photos taken on the Gowrie-Fadden walk.
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Note - All our dog walks assume you are a responsible dog owner with an obedient and well-socialised dog. See our Important Stuff page before starting any of our walks.


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Gowrie shops to Gowrie playing fields (5 minutes)

The small Gowrie shopping centre boasts a very good dog friendly café, Common Grounds, popular with locals and serving Campos coffee, breakfast and lunch every day except Monday. Opposite the shops there is a large playground and some bins. However, there are no public toilets at the Gowrie shops - you will need to ask at the café.
1. From Jeffries Street with your back to the shops, walk diagonally left to reach the front of the Gowrie Primary School. Continue past the school and walk straight ahead joining the concrete footpath on the other side of the primary school access road. Shortly after, the footpath forks: take the left fork and then leave the path to enter the large expanse of the Gowrie playing fields on your right.
Off leash opportunity on the playing fields.
The Gowrie playing fields extend over a huge area and offer a large green space to explore, throw a ball for your dog or just let them play, if sports games aren't in progress. If you don't feel like a longer walk, you could just do a slow circuit of these fields spending around 20-30 minutes. A walk from the Gowrie shops around the circumference of these fields and back to the shops is approximately 2 km.
The playing fields are bisected by a concrete footpath. To reach the second playing fields area, head straight across the first area, crossing the bisecting concrete footpath, and up a small slope. Note however that ACT Government regulations require that dogs are leashed to cross paved paths.
There is an amenities block on the second playing field area just past the bisecting concrete path with a couple of large green bins. The toilets may be open on sports days.

Gowrie playing fields to Coyne Street (20 minutes)

2. When you're ready to continue the walk, follow the concrete footpath which bisects the playing fields, heading down hill. Continue along this path taking the underpass beneath Bugden Avenue. When the footpath reaches a stormwater drain, turn left and follow the path - now a bitumen cycle path - under another underpass beneath Kellett Street.
3. On the other side of this second underpass, leave the cycle path to follow the narrow dirt track along the edge of the stormwater drain.
Off leash opportunity starts here.
This path running between the pine trees and the stormwater drain keeps your off leash dog away from cyclists and other users of the Fadden Pines. Although there is some traffic noise from adjacent Isabella Drive, it is a pleasant, flat walk where your dog can safely explore the wooded area of the pines and have a paddle in the stormwater drain without interfering with other park users.
These radiata pines were planted in the 1950s along a deeply eroded creek bed to demonstrate to rural landholders the effectiveness of tree planting for soil conservation, with the added economic benefit of future timber sales. The Fadden Pines, originally known as the Kambah Pine Forest, was adapted for an urban context in the 1970s and 80s, with the erosion gully/creek replaced by a stormwater drain.
On the far side of the cycle path is a large recreational and picnic area featuring an adventure playground, skateboard area, toilets and parking. Dogs are also allowed off leash here but not within 10 metres of the playgrounds or BBQ areas. If you have children, it is a worthy destination in itself

4. At the point where the stormwater drain disappears underground, walk left to join the cycle path. Follow it for a short distance until you see a distinct wide dirt track heading left into the pine trees. This pleasant track through the pines will lead you to a large grassed clearing.
Dogs must be on leash for the short stretch along, and adjacent to, the cycle path.
To the left, the grassy clearing extends back to the Fadden Pines recreational and picnic area. To the right, the grassy clearing extends to the MPower Dome - an indoor sports complex at the end of Coyne Street. You could extend your walk by walking to the dome and back - approx 800 m return.
If you wish to cut short your walk, you could head left along the clearing to the recreational and picnic area, loop back to the cycle path and retrace your steps to the Gowrie shops. If passing through the recreational area, remember to keep your dog on leash.

5. Walk straight across the grassy clearing to reach another wide dirt track heading up hill through the pines. The track terminates at a concrete footpath running parallel to a road (Coyne Street).
Off leash opportunity ends here.

Coyne Street to Budgen Avenue (15 minutes)

6. Walk left along the footpath for a short distance until you see the bus stop sign on Coyne Street. Walk up the grassy bank to Coyne Street and cross the road to reach a scrubby nature park.
It's important to keep your dog on leash for this section through the nature park. It is a designated on leash area and there are many kangaroos.
7. Follow the narrow dirt track going straight up hill and close to the houses on your left. Ignore any turnings into streets to the left. After reaching the peak of the hill, the track will curve to the right. Continue along this track as it widens and skirts the back fences of houses to your left. Continue on the main track until you see a large water tank.
The first part of the track into the nature park is steep and stony in places. Walkers with joint or other fitness problems may find this part difficult, although it is only a short distance. If you are uncertain about your fitness, you may wish to head back into Fadden Pines and return to the Gowrie shops.
As you pause to catch your breath on this up hill stretch, take the opportunity to look back at the stunning views of the Brindabella mountains and the Tuggeranong valley.
There is a high likelihood you will come across the resident mob of kangaroos who have little fear of humans and their on leash dogs.

8. Soon after you see the water tank, the track makes a sharp turn left down hill to pass close to the tank. After passing the tank, follow the track through the vehicle gate and then cross over the small gully using the footbridge to reach a road (Budgen Avenue).
The rest of the walk is all down hill.

Budgen Avenue to Bramston Street (10 minutes)

9. Cross the road and continue following the concrete footpath down hill through a narrow park running between houses.
10. After about five minutes, you'll see a school up ahead (the Fadden primary school). Follow the concrete footpath as it veers left and down hill, keeping the school building to your right.
11. Follow the footpath through the underpass beneath a road (Bramston Street).

Bramston Street to Castleton Street (10 minutes)

12. Continue on the concrete footpath until you reach a junction with another footpath. Turn right here, and then turn left again at the next junction with another footpath. Continue down hill following the footpath past a small playground and then through another underpass (under Castleton Street).
Although parts of this section are designated off leash (Hannah Community Park on Google maps), we do not recommend taking this opportunity. We have never passed through without our dogs spotting kangaroos, either boldly in view or resting hidden under shrubs.
This pleasant urban open space is dense with eucalypts and native scrub which attracts a variety of birds. Eastern Rosellas, Wattle Birds, King Parrots and Sulphur Crested Cockatoos are commonly seen.

Castleton Street to Gowrie shops (10 minutes)

13. On the other side of the underpass you have returned to the Gowrie playing fields. Follow the concrete footpath a short distance before veering right across the grass to reach the Gowrie shops.
Off leash opportunity on the playing fields.
If you or your dog still isn't tired, you could spend a few more minutes enjoying the open expanse of the playing fields.

If you'd prefer to join one of our regular guided group walks, find out more at our guided walks page.

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