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In southernmost Canberra, the suburbs of Conder and Gordon are nestled in a broad valley boasting panoramic views in all directions. The route follows two little creeks running through attractive parks and circumnavigates pretty Point Hut Pond. Dogs can also enjoy off leash romps at two huge irrigated playing fields and even paddle in the Pond at a dog off leash swimming spot. If you have children in tow, they'll find the playgrounds at Point Hut Pond District Park hard to resist. There are beautiful mountain and hill views from all points on the route and a high likelihood of spotting swans or pelicans on Point Hut Pond. This loop walk is paved most of the way and generally flat. A shorter option, while still maximising off leash opportunities, is easily achieved by cutting out the pond loop. The walk starts and ends behind the Caltex petrol station, corner of Tharwa Drive and Norman Lindsay Street, at the Lanyon Marketplace shopping centre in Conder.
Start/Finish - Norman Lindsay Street, Conder
Time/Distance - Allow 90 minutes/approx 5.5 km (short option allow 60 minutes/approx 3.5 km)
Off lead rating - ♥♥
Parking - Carparks at the Lanyon Marketplace shopping centre
Dog friendly café - Our pick Black and White Espresso at the Lanyon Marketplace shopping centre
Public toilets - Inside the Lanyon Marketplace and at Point Hut Pond District Park
Bins - At all ovals and Point Hut Pond District Park
Distractions - None
Children's playgrounds - Several around Point Hut Pond
Photo gallery - See photos taken on the Conder-Gordon walk.

Note - All our dog walks assume you are a responsible dog owner with an obedient and well-socialised dog. See our Important Stuff page before starting any of our walks.


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Norman Lindsay Street to Point Hut Pond  (25 minutes)

1. Start in the grassy area behind the Caltex petrol station on Norman Lindsay Street. With your back to the petrol station, walk straight ahead to cross over a paved footpath and then downhill to step over a very narrow concrete creek channel. Walk uphill out of the creek course to reach a large irrigated playing field - the Gordon District Playing Fields.
Off leash opportunity on the playing fields.
You might like to spend a few minutes on this generous sized area to let your dog enjoy an off leash romp, if not being used for sports.
There is a bin adjacent to the amenities block to your left as you enter the playing fields.
There are attractive hill views to the left and up ahead.

2. When you're ready, continue straight across the oval from where you entered, to the other side until you reach another paved footpath. Turn right on the footpath to follow it towards a major road (Tharwa Drive).
3. As you near Tharwa Drive, follow the footpath as it forks left. Continue to follow the footpath running parallel to Tharwa Drive on your right.
The footpath is lined by mature trees providing good shade for most of this stretch.
4. When the footpath brings you to another road (Box Hill Avenue) cross over, and then turn right to follow the footpath as it passes underneath Tharwa Drive.
Take care at the crossing as cars can swing into Box Hill Avenue from the round-about at Tharwa Drive quite quickly.
5. Continue following the footpath as it takes you through a narrow informal park and runs parallel to a little creek on your left.
Off leash opportunity starts after passing under Tharwa Drive but off leash dogs must stay 10 metres away from the paved path.
While the parks are technically off leash areas all the way until Direction no. 9, it is very difficult to maintain a distance of 10 metres away from the footpath except for very short distances. We recommend accepting that your dog will need to be leashed most of the way, with perhaps the occasional off leash exploration along the most alluring areas of the creek.

6. After a few minutes, look out for the point where a footpath crosses over the creek to your left. This will be a proper footpath, not just a concrete erosion bank. Cross over here, then turn right to follow the footpath, now with the creek on your right. Not long after joining this footpath, you will pass under another street (Knoke Avenue).
We suggest you cross over the creek before Knoke Avenue because otherwise it is easy to take the wrong path later in the walk around Point Hut Pond. However, if you miss the earlier creek crossing, it's not too difficult to find a safe point to cross over near Knoke Avenue.
7. Continue following the footpath, which keeps close to the back fences of houses along this section, until you see Point Hut Pond up ahead.

Point Hut Pond circuit (25 minutes)

8. If you'd like to take the shorter version of this walk, instead of continuing ahead along the pond shore, take the footpath branching right and cross over a pedestrian bridge spanning the point where the little creek enters the pond - and then continue on this footpath back to your starting point. Otherwise, continue following the footpath straight ahead as runs between the shore of Point Hut Pond on your right and houses on your left. Essentially, the route now follows a circuit around the pond.
9. After passing the last of the houses, the footpath reaches a main road (Jim Pike Avenue). Turn right here to follow the footpath along the side of the road, and then veer right away from the road to continue following the footpath around the shore of the pond.
Off leash opportunity ends at Jim Pike Avenue.
There are impressive mountain and water views around most of this circuit, particularly west to the Brindabella Mountains range and across the pond to the east.

10. As the footpath reaches the far side of the pond, it begins to veer away from the shore towards towards a car park.
Off leash and swimming opportunity in the grassy area between the car park and the shoreline of the Pond
If you'd like to give your dog the opportunity for some off leash time and a paddle, spend a little time here. The off leash area is bordered by the Pond shoreline and the car park and extends back the way you've just come to a stormwater drain. Although there is no beach here, even our wimpy whippets can access several shallow entries into the Pond for a paddle.
There are public toilets and bins by the car park and more bins at other points through this park but note that your dog must be on leash where the toilets and bins are located.

11. When you're ready, continue south along the shore of the Pond (with your dog on leash) past the car park until you find a dirt track following close to the shore.
The dirt track skirts around a large playground (Point Hut Pond District Park) and is a much prettier and shadier option than continuing on the footpath.
12. As you follow the shore of the Pond and leave the playgrounds behind, look out for a board walk leading to a pontoon quite a distance out on the water - it's not far from where you first reached the Pond.
It's fun to walk out onto the pontoon - there's lots of bird life including swans to admire, as well as more of those beautiful Brindabella views.
13. Just past the pontoon, you'll reach a footpath. Take the footpath heading left, away from the pond and following another little creek. Don't turn right to follow the footpath over a footbridge, or continue on a footpath straight ahead across another pedestrian bridge, but make sure you turn left on the footpath heading away from both the bridges and the pond.

Point Hut Pond to Norman Lindsay Street (20 minutes)

14. Follow the footpath through a narrow park with houses on your left and the little creek on your right. The footpath will soon pass under a road (Knoke Avenue again but at a different point).
15. On the other side of Knoke Avenue, you can continue straight ahead on the footpath which will lead you back to Tharwa Drive and your starting point, or take a short detour to enjoy the huge off leash expanse of the Gordon Neighbourhood Oval. If you'd like to do the latter, soon after passing under Knoke Avenue use the footbridge on the right which crosses over the little creek.
16. On the other side of the creek, continue straight ahead up the bank to enter the beautiful green space of Gordon Neighbourhood Oval.
Off leash opportunity on the playing fields and surrounds.
The Oval is actually two adjacent playing fields bisected by a car park and access road.
If there are no sports games, this is a very attractive area to dawdle and admire more lovely mountain views.
If there are sports games, you can still walk your dog off leash between the footpath heading left and the little creek.
There are bins next to the amenities block by the car park.

17. When you're ready, head back toward the little creek and either cross back over the footbridge and turn right to continue on the footpath to your starting point, or stay on the oval side of the creek and follow the footpath adjacent to the creek, with the creek on your left.
18. Continue on the footpath until it passes under a road (Tharwa Drive) back to the Caltex petrol station and your starting point. If you didn't cross back over the creek using the footbridge earlier, you'll need to negotiate a crossing point a little past Tharwa Drive to return to the Caltex petrol station.
There is an excellent dog-friendly café, the Black and White Espresso, at the shopping centre with good outdoor tables, reasonable coffee and delicious food.

If you'd prefer to join one of our regular guided group walks, find out more at our guided walks page.

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