New dog walking laws – have your say

UPDATE - Since this was posted, the ACT Government agreed to drop the proposal to set a limit on how many dogs you can walk at one time. Thanks for all your support!

The ACT Government is consulting on changes to animal welfare laws. We reckon most of the proposals are very sensible and will benefit both people and animals. But the Government also wants to limit the number of dogs you can walk at one time.

We don't agree with setting arbitrary limits. If you have control of your dogs, it shouldn't matter how many you have. We've seen plenty of people walking multiple dogs that are well trained, well behaved and well socialised. We've also seen people having problems controlling only one dog.

We encourage you to find out more about the proposed changes and to make a submission. If you'd like some inspiration, have a look at our own submission: CDWsubmissionanimalwelfarebill2019.

Submissions can be sent to until Thursday, 7 February 2019.

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