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Mt Ainslie is an ever-present looming landmark on this gentle, meandering walk through quiet and very pretty tree-lined streets. Ainslie is an old suburb with heritage listed cottages dating from the 1920s as well as modern homes built only yesterday. There is a large off leash oval near the beginning of the walk for dogs to burn off excess energy; a variety of modest, informal parks; and a brief section through Mt Ainslie nature park. The walk starts and ends at the Ainslie shops featuring a dog friendly café/pub.
Start/Finish - Ainslie shops, Edgar Street
Time/Distance - Allow 60 minutes/approx 4 km
Off lead rating - ♥
Parking - Edgar Street and Wakefield Gardens behind shops
Dog friendly café - Edgar's Inn
Public toilets - Ainslie shops
Bins - Ainslie shops, Majura Oval, Corroboree Park
Distractions - Kangaroos, rabbits on Mt Ainslie
Children's playgrounds - Wakefield Gardens, Corroboree Park
Photo gallery - See photos taken on the Ainslie walk.

Note - All our dog walks assume you are a responsible dog owner with an obedient and well-socialised dog. See our Important Stuff page before starting any of our walks.


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Ainslie shops to Majura Oval (15 minutes)

Before starting, enjoy the whimsical animal statues around the shopping centre and park opposite by Martin Moore titled Habitat.
1. From Edgar Street in front of the shops, take the paved brick path passing between the IGA supermarket and the liquor shop.
2. Cross a small road (Edgar Lane) to a park (Wakefield Gardens).
This is a small, pretty park featuring smooth barked Chinese elms and oak trees. There is a playground in one corner and a bin on the side nearest the shops.
3. Cross the park following the concrete footpath to another small road (Wakefield Gardens). Cross the road (Wakefield Gardens) and continue straight ahead on the footpath on the right hand side of the road heading away from the park (Wakefield Avenue).
4. At the four-way intersection, cross Cowper Street and continue straight ahead on Wakefield Avenue on the footpath, and again straight through the next four-way intersection (crossing Bonney Street).
5. At the next cross street (Angas Street), turn right and walk a few metres before crossing to reach a large playing field (Majura Oval).
Off leash opportunity here.
Majura Oval provides an extensive open area for dogs to expend some excess energy when sports games aren't in progress. Bins are located near the amenities block adjacent to the gravel car park further along Angas Street.
Spend some time here enjoying the green space as the remainder of the walk provides only limited off leash opportunities.

Majura Oval to Corroboree Park (15 minutes)

6. When you're ready, retrace your steps across Angas Street and back along Wakefield Avenue to Bonney Street.
7. At Bonney Street, turn right to walk along the footpath on the right hand side of Bonney Street until the next intersection - a complicated meeting of several streets.
At the intersection on your right is the Ainslie All Saints Church originally built as a mortuary railway station for Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney. It was designed by colonial architect James Barnett in gothic revival style and in use from 1868. The railway line went under the main arch in the building (there's a great photo of a steam train passing through the building on the All Saints Church website). The stonework was bought by the local Ainslie diocese to build the church in 1957.
8. At the intersection cross straight ahead then turn left to the follow the footpath on the right hand side of Foveaux Street. Take the first right (into Paterson Street). Continue on the right hand side of Paterson Street to reach Corroboree Park.
Corroboree Park is bounded by Paterson Street and a road called Corroboree Park. It is a pretty, open area featuring large, mature, and mainly, eucalypt trees. There are also benches, a playground and tennis courts. Some locals let their well-behaved dogs off leash here to sniff and chase balls but keep well away from the playground.
The weatherboard building in the park next to Paterson Street is the Ainslie Community Hall dating from 1927. There are bins next to the picnic tables behind the Hall and a garbage hopper in front.

Corroboree Park to Mount Ainslie (15 minutes)

9. When you're ready to continue the walk, return to Paterson Street and walk to the front of the Ainslie Community Hall.
10. Cross Paterson Street and take the street directly opposite which is heading away from the park (Baker Street).
Note the old street sign and bubbler.
11. Follow Baker Street to a t-junction (with Campbell Street).
12. Cross Campbell Street to enter another small park (Baker Garden).
The park features mature smooth-barked Chinese elms and a preschool on the right.
13. Walk to the other side of the park following the dirt track through the middle.
14. On the other side of the park, cross the street and follow the street leading away from the park (also called Baker Garden).
15. Continue following this pretty street, crossing another street (Chaffey Crescent), until a t-junction (with Ebden Street).
There is a fine view of Mount Ainslie at the t-junction.
16. Turn left on Ebden Street, then take the first right at the four way intersection (into Foveaux Street).
17. Continue on Foveaux Street to the t-junction (Duffy Street). Cross Duffy Street and walk straight ahead through the gap in the houses to the wire fence.
18. Walk through the gap in the fence, up the bank, and turn left on top of the bank to follow the dirt track.

Mount Ainslie track (10 minutes)

19. Continue following the dirt track close to the houses on the left, with a drainage ditch and Mount Ainslie on the right.
This area along the base of Mount Ainslie is a designated nature park where dogs must be on leash. The nature park is rife with kangaroos and rabbits.
There are glimpses of the city and Black Mountain to the left over the houses and bush views of Mount Ainslie on the right. Just before exiting the nature park, there is a view of Mount Majura directly ahead.

Mount Ainslie to Ainslie shops (5 minutes)

20. At the first gap in the houses (just after the footbridge over the drainage ditch), turn left to walk through the gap in the wire fence to reach a street (Fisher Street).
21. Walk to the end of the street to the t-junction (with Duffy Street). Cross Duffy Street to the park opposite (called Fisher Place).
Off leash opportunity in this park but be respectful of other users - there is a scout hall at the far end.
22. When you're ready, follow the dirt track down hill through the middle of the park to the road on the far side (Ebden Street).
23. Cross Ebden Street and continue straight ahead (now on Wakefield Avenue) to reach the Ainslie shops within sight.

If you'd prefer to join one of our regular guided group walks, find out more at our guided walks page.

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