Important stuff

There are important things you should know before starting any of our self-guided walks.

  • Canberra Dog Walks assumes you are a responsible dog owner with a well socialised, obedient dog. See our blog on dog training organisations in Canberra if you need help.
  • It's your responsibility to know the regulations relating to dogs in the ACT. For information about off leash areas and regulations visit the ACT Government website. The Government has recently updated its regulations and off leash/on leash areas. See our summary of changes.
  • Picking up after your dog is required in the ACT. Bin locations are included in our walking directions.
  • Dogs are allowed off leash on all unfenced sports grounds or playing fields as long as formal games or events aren't in progress.
  • Dogs are prohibited from fenced sports grounds, powered BBQ sites, children's playgrounds, and most school grounds.
  • The cafés we identify as dog friendly have outside tables and the proprietors are tolerant of dogs. However disruptive dogs may not be welcomed.
  • While we have made every effort to provide accurate directions and advice, things change and we can make mistakes. If you've found an error in our information or changes since they were published please let us know using our contact form.
  • We have not received any inducements from organisations or businesses mentioned on this site. If we recommend them it's because we think they are good.

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