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Canberra dog friendly accommodation

Where can you stay in Canberra if you want to bring your dog along and can’t stay with friends or family? We kept getting asked this question, so we decided to scout out the best options for Canberra dog friendly accommodation. (more…)


Canberra dog friendly cafés – our favourites

There are some wonderful dog friendly cafes in Canberra! Here’s information about our very favourite Canberra dog friendly cafes that welcome you and your furry best friend. (more…)


Canberra pram friendly dog walks

Canberra Dog Walks now features a range of dog walks in Canberra that are also pram friendly. We’ve researched some fun walks in various areas of Canberra that are paved the whole way and dog friendly as well. So you can definitely keep fit, take bub on an outing, and make your dog very happy. Read on for summaries of five pram friendly dog walks we recommend you try. (more…)


Canberra safe off leash options for every dog

Whether your dog is outgoing or shy, wild or well-trained, friendly or behaviourally-challenged, there is a perfect off leash place in Canberra to suit your dog. (more…)


Canberra best and friendliest dog off leash meeting places

Did you know that most Canberra neighbourhood ovals and lots of parks around our suburbs are designated dog off leash areas? Dog walkers in the know meet up in these areas, usually late afternoon, to chat while their dogs play together, chase balls, socialise and sniff. It’s a great way to meet other dog owners informally while your dogs have fun. We’ve shared our top dog friendly meeting places to get you started. (more…)


Canberra dog training – where can I go for help?

Old dog teaches young boy new tricks (Photo by Lara Sedgmen)


Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend (Corey Ford)

How do you make sure your cute puppy grows into a happy, well-mannered family member, or transform your older, delinquent dog into the perfect Canberra canine citizen? Where can you go for help? (more…)


Canberra dog parks – fenced off leash areas

Canberra and nearby towns have several excellent fully fenced dog parks that provide safe, off leash areas for dogs to exercise and socialise – both essential for keeping your dog happy and healthy. Here’s all you need to know about Canberra dog parks, Queanbeyan Dog Park and Yass Dog Park. (more…)


Canberra pet friendly aged care

As you get older, especially if you’re living alone, the bond with your dog can get very strong. They are your best friend, loyal companion and daily source affection. What happens if you need to move into a retirement village, hostel or nursing home but your dog isn’t welcome? This heartbreaking decision is faced by many people every day. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Find out how to make sure your dog comes with you! (more…)


Canberra dog swimming areas – our favourites

The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog (Ambrose Bierce)

Is your dog a panting mess, flopped down under a tree or spread out on the kitchen floor tiles getting under your feet? It’s not much fun going for ‘walkies’ on a sweltering hot Canberra summer day. Instead of letting those dog days get you down, why not take your dog for a swim instead? (more…)


Canberra dog friendly wineries

Mollie supervises the pickers at Murrumbateman Winery

Great wine, delicious food and all enjoyed with your furry best friend. Life can’t get better than that. And you don’t even have to stay at home to enjoy all three! (more…)


Canberra dog friendly cafés – training your dog

Canberra has some great dog friendly cafés. Here’s some tips on how your dog should behave at cafés and how to train them to be café friendly. (more…)


Canberra dog walking groups – how to meet up


Looking for the opportunity to meet up with other dog owners and their dogs to walk around Canberra? Want to do more than just stand around in a dog park or dog off leash oval while your dog does all the exercising? (more…)


ACT dog regulations – what’s changed?


The ACT Government introduced changes to dogs off leash and on leash areas in Canberra from 11 January 2016. Overall, the changes aren’t that major. The good news is that our Canberra Dog Walks routes are not affected.

Here’s the general gist. (more…)