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Canberra safe off leash options for every dog

Whether your dog is outgoing or shy, wild or well-trained, friendly or behaviourally-challenged, there is a perfect off leash place in Canberra to suit your dog. (more…)


Canberra best and friendliest dog off leash meeting places

Did you know that most Canberra neighbourhood ovals and lots of parks around our suburbs are designated dog off leash areas? Dog walkers in the know meet up in these areas, usually late afternoon, to chat while their dogs play together, chase balls, socialise and sniff. It’s a great way to meet other dog owners informally while your dogs have fun. We’ve shared our top dog friendly meeting places to get you started. (more…)


Canberra dog friendly accommodation

Where can you stay in Canberra if you want to bring your dog along and can’t stay with friends? We kept getting asked this question, so we decided to scout out the best options for Canberra dog friendly accommodation. (more…)